Chester’s Transport Corowa

Chester’s Transport is a Corowa based company that has been in operation for the past 27 years. The company is owned and operated by Graeme and Julie Chester. Since 1989 the company has continually invested in infrastructure and resources to ensure we can offer our clients a service that is reliable and of the highest quality.

Currently Chester’s Transport has a fleet of 14 latest model vehicles, and 22 bulk tipping trailers that are made up of Quad-dogs, Super-dogs, B-doubles and Road train configurations. 4 quad-dog configurations are fitted with rotary seals and blowers enabling them to unload directly into silo’s. GPS tracking equipment is fitted into the vehicles allowing immediate and constant monitoring of all our vehicles at anytime. Our continued success lies in providing the right equipment, management, people and training to achieve the results required by our clients.

We are dedicated to providing a professional and reliable service of transporting bulk commodities such as grain, fertilizer, meals and stockfeed pellets. Chester’s Transport also have trucks that are able to blow grain, stockfeed and meals directly into silo’s, therefore no auger is required for unloading. We hold accreditation under NHVAS Mass & Fatigue Management Schemes to ensure compliance with strict industry guidelines.

Julie Chester – Owner & Operations Manager, Chester’s Transport

Chester’s Transport has a heavy focus on bulk grain and fertiliser logistics – especially around harvest time. With various combinations of tipper trailers, Chester’s Transport is able to cater for all jobs small to large as well as ongoing contract work.

Although Chester’s Transport is based in Corowa on the NSW & Victorian Border, this service is available on the Eastern Australian Seaboard including Victoria, NSW, SA and Southern Queensland. Call us or visit the contact us page to inquire about your next bulk grain movements.

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